Introduction to Bat Licence Training

Following its successful introduction in 2013 and repeat in 2014 one of our newest courses, Introduction to Bat Licence Training, is set to be repeated.

Join experienced tutors Sandie Sowler (arguably the most experienced bat licence trainer in the UK) and her husband Gerry Westmacott for a weekend of ‘all things bats’ on our Introduction to Bat Licence Training course. The course includes roost visits to a range of buildings, roost emergence watches, and training on how to find, record and report roost signs. This is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to make a start on their journey towards a bat licence (voluntary or professional), and leads perfectly onto the hugely successful follow on course, the Bat Licence Training Course, also from the Bat Training Partnership.

This is the ideal way to gain additional roost visits and ‘bat contact hours’ – an essential component of any bat licence training, offering 9-12hrs practical field experience, which will also qualify as Continuing Professional Development for professional participants.

Upcoming Introduction to Bat Licence Training courses:

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