GEM Repairs

Gerry’s Eco-kit Maintenance & Repair Service is a bespoke maintenance and repair service for all your ecological survey equipment from bat detectors to sound recorders, and harp-traps to Clulites. Collect together everything that is broken, damaged, malfunctioning or needs servicing, then email Gerry for an estimate, for a rapid postal service or to arrange a visit, all to suit your bespoke requirements at gerry.westmacott {at}

Common faults/problems encountered and repaired include:

  • Replacing batteries & bulbs,
  • Repairing leads & connections,
  • Replacing sockets, knobs & switches,
  • Fault finding and repair of electronic equipment such as:
    • Bat detectors
    • Voice recorders
    • Repairs to other small appliances¬†(Notice required to obtain appropriate replacement parts)

It is more cost effective to repair than to buy new. Don’t have thousands of pounds of kit lying idle and damaged, when one maintenance visit will get it all back in the field.

Note – we are unable to offer free warrenty repairs for any equipment that is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.¬† The manufacturer or retailer will be able to provide assistance in this instance.

Send Gerry an e-mail at gerry.westmacott {at}

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