Bat handling, mist netting, & harp trapping (bespoke courses on request only)

Date: Tuesday 1st January 2019 - Tuesday 31st December 2019

Host: various
Location: These courses take place at various locations, Gloucestershire

Course Details:
***This course is currently only available as a bespoke / on demand course / in-house course. This is in-part due to still-evolving changes in the licensing requirements in England and Wales*** The Bat Handling, Mist Netting, and Harp Trapping course seeks to

  1. Handling experience to be signed by a referee such that a handling endorsement on an existing Natural England Survey licence or Natural Resources Wales licence can be applied for, providing sufficient bats are caught during the course and handled competently by the candidate, and assuming they have sufficent log-book experience recorded ); or
  2. General handling experience (for anyone including unlicensed persons); or
  3. Upgrading to a Natural England Level 2 Class licence (to include use of endoscope and taking bats by hand and static net) *NOTE: other logged experience of these techniques is likely to be need for licence applications/upgrades
Unlike many other ecology training courses, every course we deliver is adapted to suit the participants objectives; after all no two ecologists are the same! For this reason it is essential that participants arrive in good time for the introductory session as this is when we establish what each participant hopes to achieve on the course. Please allow plenty of time for your journey! This is why we keep participant numbers low. If you want to find out about our courses, just ask around – with hundreds of trainees on past courses (including over 200 on our flagship course the Bat Licence Training Course) you won’t have to search far to find an ecologist that has been on a Bat Training Partnership course.

For further information or to make a booking enquiry please contact Bat Training via

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