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Trainees on Bat Licence Training Course hand netting for bats outside a roost

Trainees hand-netting

The Bat Training Partnership run a wide variety of highly regarded bat training courses across England and Wales. Courses are offered at all levels to suit everyone from professional ecologists and arborists, to planners, local government departments, and volunteer bat workers.

Our courses include:

  • The Bat Licence Training Course (BLTC) offers a programme of bat licence training to those seeking to undertake professional bat surveys.
  • Bat Handling courses, which include experience in the use of hand nets and endoscopes suitable for people seeking a Natural England Class 2 survey licence and equivalent licences in Wales for Natural Resources Wales.
  • Specialist training for industry sectors – arborists, architects, planners, local government teams, contractors, and more.
  • Other training courses are developed and run by our tutors for the Bat Conservation Trust.

Legal status

BatTraining.co.uk is an unincorporated association between Dr Sandie Sowler and Richard Crompton (Director at Richard Crompton Ltd / Ecology on Demand (formerly co- director at Wildwood Ecology Ltd), formed to promote a wide range of bat and other ecological training opportunities. Course administration and legal liability rests with the coordinating tutor as indicated on booking information.

  • In the case of the Bat Licence Training Course and Advance Techniques Course this is Richard Crompton Ltd.
  • For Bat Handling and Introduction to Bat Licence Training Courses this is Sandie Sowler, unless otherwise specified.

For further information on our tutors please read their biographies.

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