Bat Mitigation Course

Re-roofing works to barn

The Bat Mitigation course is intended for consultants and planning authority ecologists who would like an in depth look at what bat mitigation strategies have and what haven’t worked, over the past 10 years and encompassing most bat genera. This has been developed and is delivered by Dr Sandie Sowler from published examples and from her own experience gained over more than 25 years involved in bat survey, mitigation and conservation.

The course covers, mitigation types, mitigation by species, by project type (roads, windfarms, housing etc.),  gives examples of succcessful and unsuccessful strategies as well as provides useful references and considers the future for bat mitigation.  It is a dynamic that is regularly updated and modified to reflect new information and techniques.

Upcoming Bat Mitigation courses

Completed barn, final checks of mitigation

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