Dr Sandie Sowler, PhD, MCIEEM, FLS

Photo of Dr Sandie Sowler

Involved in bat research and conservation since 1969, Sandie has twenty four years experience as an ecology consultant in the UK in both conservation and the private sector.  Her work has focussed largely on bat conservation, EcIAs and latterly developing training courses.  Like Richard, Sandie was also a member of the editorial board for Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists (BCT, 2016), Bat Surveys – Good Practice Guidelines 2nd Edition (BCT, 2012) and first edition in 2007.

Sandie holds a Natural England Bat Survey Licence and Training Licence, and Natural Resources Wales Bat Conservation and trainer’s licence and has developed and delivered Bat Conservation Trust courses since 2003 and currently delivers a number of other bat-related courses for other organisations.  Her PhD subject was on the reproduction and growth in a Southern African fruit bat.

Richard Crompton, BSc, MCIEEM, CEnv, FLS

Richard Crompton

With over twenty years of bat work experience throughout England and Wales, Richard is licensed for conservation and scientific purposes and is also a license trainer in both countries.  His experience has been widely recognised, and he was selected as a member of the editorial board for Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists (BCT, 2016), Bat Surveys – Good Practise Guidelines 2nd Edition (BCT, 2012) and first edition in 2007 and Woodland Management for Bats (FC, 2005).

Richard has undertaken wildlife consultancy work since 1998 as well as spending over 7 years as a Forestry Commission conservation manager in mid Wales.  Much of his time is spent training others and he has been involved in the development and tutoring for the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) course Arboriculture and Bats and the Bats in Bridges consultants course.  He was a Bat Conservation Trust trustee from 2001 to 2010, and now runs Richard Crompton Ltd, incorporating BLTC, other training, and his ‘Ecology on Demand’ service providing advice and support to other bat ecologists and agencies.

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