Bat logbook

Your Bat Log Book or Training Diary is your proof of the experience you have gained prior to and subsequent to the course.  It should outline what YOU did and what YOU encountered or found during surveys.  To allow us to assess your skills and experience against our entry criteria, your logbook or training diary must be submitted with the application form.

The following is an example of our preferred bat log book / training diary format:

Date Location Type of activity Bats species encountered Hours Licensed bat worker or accompanying person Signature
08/07/2010 Water Street Farm,  Cross Keys Scoping survey and dusk emergence Brown long-eared, Natter’s, common pipistrelle


Mr Mike Brandtii
NE licence 0123456
M Brandtii
10/01/2011 Ogof Cave Hibernation count Lesser horseshoe, myotis sp.


Ms Emma Serotinus
CCW licence 012456
E Serotinus

The name and signature of person accompanying the candidate is for verification that the activities described were undertaken. This is not a reference.

The acceptance of the bat log (training diary) as a pre-course entry qualification is at the discretion of the two tutors. In rare cases, candidates who have been unable to comply in full with the pre-course entry requirements, may be accepted.

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