Bat Licence Training Course

BLTC trainees in mine

BLTC trainees in mine

BLTC trainees in mine

Bat Training is pioneering a programme of bat licence training designed for those wishing to undertake professional surveys.  Running several times a year since 2008, the Bat Licence Training Course has been prepared to address the difficulty many professional ecologists (over 200 and counting!) have obtaining licence training through local bat groups, many of whom are unable or unwilling to offer training to those intending to use their bat licences for commercial purposes. Just ask around – you won’t have to go far until you find someone trained on BLTC!

Places are strictly limited for this specialist training which is based around two compulsory residential field courses and a training diary of bat work experience. The course has been running successfully since 2008, with fantastic feedback, routinely visiting nine venues every year.

The course is co-written and taught by Dr Sandie Sowler, MCIEEM, FLS and Richard Crompton, CEnv, MCIEEM, FLS Previously run through Wildwood Ecology Limited, from September 2016 the course will be facilitated by Richard Crompton Limited (Ecology on Demand).

The training is based on two key elements:

  • a training diary or log of experience, and
  • two residential field courses – one during the colder months of the year and one during the bats’ active season.

Sign-off for a licence is at the strict discretion of the trainers, both of whom hold training licences for Natural England and the Natural Resources Wales, and follows an assessment and a review of training diaries.  The course has a tried and tested assessment process including a written test and one-on-one interview; to give the trainers confidence to sign off participants as competent bat surveyors. Participants of this course have been successfully signed-up for Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, and occasionally Scottish Natural Heritage (although you might also like to try our Scottish training partner Northern Irish licences.

BLTC provides the range of experience and assessment needed by those who intend to use their licence in a professional capacity; you will undertake daytime summer visists, underground hibernation surveys, tree surveys and a whole host of other activities, making this the only course to cover all of the Bat Conservation Trust’s professional training standards in an intensive training programme.

If you are interested in attending the Bat Licence Training Course but don’t yet meet the entry requirements then our new course Introduction to Bat Licence Training may be a suitable starting point for you. Our other courses can help to gather supporting skills such as advanced techniques, mitigation and sound analysis.

Please note that BLTC does not attempt to be training to become a ‘bat ecologist’, but provides the training needed to successfully achieve a Natural England Class level 1 or 2 licence and the equivalent Bat Survey Licences (with handling) in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

**NEWS FLASH** From December 2016 we can now accept credit card payments for BLTC (not other courses) which, combined with excellent zero interest purchase rates for up to 28 months on some credit cards provides a excellent way to spread the cost of BLTC.

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