Bat Handling, Mist Netting & Harp Trapping

Learning how to erect a mist net

Our Bat Handling, Mist Netting, and Harp Trapping Course seeks to introduce existing bat licence holders or licence trainees to standard (hand netting) and advanced (mist net and harp trapping) techniques used to catch bats for survey purposes.

To help people meet the new requirements of the Natural England Class licensing system this course will include training and practical experience in both hand netting and the use of endoscopes to help people work towards Class Licence Level 2.

Course outcomes

Participants on the Bat Handling, Mist Netting, and Harp Trapping course will be able to gain:

  1. Handling experience to be signed by a referee such that a handling endorsement on an existing NRW Survey licence or NE Class 2 (upgrade from Class 1) licence can be obtained, providing sufficient bats are caught during the three nights of the course, or;
  2. Mist netting and harp trapping experience that would provide part only of the experience required for a mist netting and harp trapping licence NRW endorsement or NE Class Licence level 3/4 (or project licence)* or;
  3. General handling experience (for anyone including unlicensed persons)

* A licence to harp trap and mist net is usually issued by NE when relevant experience signed by a referee has been obtained.  A recent unofficial communication with NE has indicated that the three nights of mist netting and harp trapping that we would offer in this course would only count partly towards that experience.  A further 7 nights of trapping may be necessary.

There can be no guarantee into the number of bats or species that we will trap, but every opportunity will be taken to allow you to handle as many bats as possible.   There will also be the opportunity to handle captive bats brought in by two bat carers (depending on live bats available at the time.)

For course dates please check the course schedules.


Assembling a harp trap

As this is specifically a bat handling course all participants must provide suitable bat handling gloves and proof of up-to-date rabies inoculation.   All bat handlers, licensed or not, are entitled to free immunisation from the NHS, although your GP may sometimes charge an admin fee.

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Upcoming bat catching and handling courses

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