The Bat Licence Training Course

The pioneering and industry-leading Bat Licence Training Course. A thorough 10-day training course for professional ecologists working towards bat survey licences.

Advanced techniques

Learn a wide array of advanced techniques with The Bat Training Partnership, including mist netting, acoustic lures, harp trapping, and radio tracking.

Professional bat training courses from the Bat Training Partnership

Bat Licence Training Course

Our pioneering programme of bat licence training designed for those wishing to undertake professional surveys

Advanced bat techniques

Advanced bat training courses covering mist netting, harp trapping, hand netting, the use of sound lures, radio tracking, and more

Course schedule

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The Bat Training Partnership run a wide variety of highly regarded bat training courses across England and Wales. Courses are offered at all levels to suit everyone from professional ecologists and arborists, to planners, local government departments, and volunteer bat workers. Our courses include:

  • The Bat Licence Training Course (BLTC) offers a programme of bat licence training to those seeking to undertake professional bat surveys.
  • Bat Handling courses, which include experience in the use of hand nets and endoscopes suitable for people seeking a Natural England Class 2 survey licence.
  • Specialist training for industry sectors - arborists, architects, planners, local government teams, contractors, and more.
  • Other training courses are developed and run by our tutors for the Bat Conservation Trust.